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How do I merge pages in my PDFs?

You can do it in Adobe Acrobat, or if you don’t have that, give PDF Split and Merge a try (nice little bit of freeware)

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  1. Barry says:

    It appears that this app works best with each song having its own pdf, as opposed to accessing a fakebook pdf that might have a few hundred pages. This knowledgebase section on merging pdf’s suggests that Orpheus can handle multi-page pdf’s, but I’m guessing this is for 2-3 page charts, not large fakebook pdf’s of many songs.

    By the way, as far as splitting large pdf’s, another method is to install something like “cutepdf”, which enables printing to pdf file.

    • Maeve says:

      Yes that is correct – each song should have it’s own PDF. We are looking at adding a ‘jump to page x’ feature in the future, as well as a bookmarks function. Orpheus can certainly handle large PDFs (eg a piano concerto or conductors score), but until these navigational features are added it is probably best to split songs into their own charts for best usability.

      Thanks for your input Barry, you’re right, there are many methods for splitting and merging PDFs… however for the knowledgebase I think it’s best to just have one way to do things. Outlining several methods can be confusing for less tech-savy users.


  2. Neville says:

    Hi Maeve, Just wanted to congratulate you on a great App. As a music reading keyboard player I have just used it at my first Gig…. Perfect. Have invested in Lenovo Yoga 13.5″ Tablet which is brilliant. At present I have 410 songs on PDFs created in Cutepdf and all in folders as per my books and also one big alphabetical file … On micro SD card and backed up by Dropbox. Air turn and Boss pedals create the finished article. As mentioned above, each song has its own PDF of 1,2,3 or in one case 5 pages but its a breeze going back and forth and I can have good size music with all the instructions on for my ageing eye sight. Thanks again for a great and easy to operate solution for android.

    • Maeve says:

      Thanks so much for your kind comments Neville. It’s really great to hear that Orpheus is working out well for you. Thanks again.

  3. David Lui says:

    Hi, Maeve,I had photoed one song which have two pages separately and turn them into PDF format, but they are in two separate file, how can I merge them together.

    • Maeve Lander says:

      You can’t edit PDFs in Orpheus, so use a 3rd party app or software to merge pages of your PDF. There is some software recommended in this article, or you can use Google to search for one of your choice.

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