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A solution for Dropbox users needing offline access

If you're reading this, you'll probably be aware that a recent update to the Dropbox API has meant that internet access is now required to access Dropbox charts - details here. This is rather an annoyance for us, and any users who gig or rehearse in places… Read More

Dropbox API v2 Upgrade

Today we released an update to both the free and pro versions of Orpheus. This update integrates the Dropbox API v2, because v1 has been retired today. We kept our Dropbox v1 integration alive for as long as possible because it provided us… Read More

Bug Status: Turning between charts in Set List

This bug has now been fixed. Please update to 2.1.0. Thank you all for your patience and support while we got this fixed up. A special thank you to Ivan Shaw whose help was essential in resolving this bug. We are currently investigating a bug in 2.0.9 which prevents some users turning between char… Read More

Annotations arrive to Orpheus

Both free and pro version of Orpheus have been updated to 2.0.9. The latest release has the long awaited light-weight annotations feature, along with a few other small features, improvements and bug fixes.


In keeping with Orpheus's minimalist raison d'être, the new annotations feature is simple … Read More

Orpheus in your language

Until now, Orpheus has only been available in English. But we have embarked on the task of translation to more languages.  If you are able to help us with translation please get in touch. You don't have to know any code, and it's a fantastic way to contribute to the project. A huge thank you to all the tr… Read More