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Can I have multiple folders of sheet music? How do I filter?

As of version 2.0 you can add as many folders of sheet music as you like in “Music Folders”.

Filtering by folder

You can filter charts by enabling or disabling folders. Use a long press on the folder, then use the overflow menu > enable/disable.

For example, let’s say I have 3 folders imported – Trumpet Music, Piano Music, and Choir Music. When I go to Choir practise, I may wish to enable only “Choir Music” so that music in All Charts view is filtered to show me just that folder of music for now.

2 Responses to “Can I have multiple folders of sheet music? How do I filter?”

  1. Mark de Rooij says:


    First of all i would like to say that i really enjoy this app.

    It would be great to see the tree structure in case when searching nummers in the complete list. I have about 1000 songs in my list sorted in multiple maps.
    Making a setlist is a crime with all the songs in one long list.

    Hoping to hear from you if there are possibilities to have this improvement in the future.

    Kind regards,

    Mark de Rooij

    P.s.: sorry for my horrible English….

    • Maeve Lander says:

      Hi Mark, there are a couple of features that may help you:
      1.) In “All Charts” use the overflow menu at the top right to select “Show path”. This will show the full filepath to the files (maybe this is what you mean by “tree structure”?)
      2.) Another trick is to hold your finger over the scroll bar to the right of the “All Charts” screen. A long drag downwards will show you an alphabet controller. This may help you find something you’re looking for.

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