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Can I share my charts and set lists with other members of my band?

You can share charts, but not set lists (yet).

Share Charts using the Dropbox Sync functionality: Set up a Dropbox account for your band, then have each user turn the Dropbox sync on in Orpheus (via Settings screen) and connect to it. Now everyone can see the same charts within Orpheus on their device. Remember you’re synced, so if one of you changes something in the Dropbox, it changes for everyone who uses that same Dropbox. For example if a new chart is added to the Dropbox, that chart will appear for everyone in their version of Orpheus. Same thing goes for file name changes, or deleting a chart.

Important note on copyrighted material: You should only share files which you have the legal right to share with others. For more information on Dropbox’s copyright policy and the steps to take to report a claim of copyright infringement, please visit Dropbox’s DMCA page.

One Response to “Can I share my charts and set lists with other members of my band?”

  1. James Collins says:

    I use Orpheus Pro. Love it. Thanks.

    One suggestion: in future development, could you consider a setting that would designate a swipe up/down to navigate through a chart and left/right to navigate between charts? Or perhaps an option to choose which swipe does what? I sometimes flip past the last page unintentionally then have to struggle to get back and play at the same time. It would be a big help to me, and perhaps someone else, too.


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