Need help with Orpheus? You’re in the right place!

Can this app do tuning note, metronome, play audio, make me a cup of tea…?

Orpheus is deliberately simple. There are already a bunch of much more complex, fully featured sheet music reader apps available for users with advanced requirements. What the market lacked was an intuative, easy-to-use option for the 80% of musicians with more straight forward needs. This app aims to fill that niche by doing less.

I realise this approach is not going to work for 100% of musicians, and I’m cool with that.

That said, if there’s a feature you can’t live without, I’m listening. Email me here.

Maeve Lander is a software developer by day, trumpeter and arranger by night. She created Orpheus ~8 years ago, when Android was first born. It has gone through iteration over the years, but has always held true to the original vision; a minimalist sheet music reader that just does one thing, really well.


Michael Görthofer

23 Jun, 2016 - 4:01 am

Please add metrnome with bpm for Single Charts!:)

Mike S

22 Jul, 2017 - 11:56 am

There are plenty of metronome apps you can put on your tablet or phone and play along with. Nice this isn’t overly bloated. Let’s keep it that way if possible. (I do like the responses to good ideas I’ve seen here).

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