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I’m missing the overflow menu button

Orpheus uses the overflow menu button in several places – in the Set Lists area to add/order/delete charts, on the All Charts screen to show/hide paths, and in the Music Folders area to enable/disable folders.

This shows the overflow menu on the Set Lists screen.

This shows the overflow menu on the Set Lists screen.

If you’re not seeing these overflow menus then it is because your device has a physical menu button.  It’s usually next to your main home button (the back button and menu button sit to either side of the home button). So use your physical menu button instead and you will get all the same options.

Maeve Lander is a software developer by day, trumpeter and arranger by night. She created Orpheus ~8 years ago, when Android was first born. It has gone through iteration over the years, but has always held true to the original vision; a minimalist sheet music reader that just does one thing, really well.

One comment on “I’m missing the overflow menu button”

Pietro Giurintano

17 Nov, 2014 - 1:57 am

Thank you for the fast and thorough response.
I am a teacher who is trying to use the tablet as a sheet and using a Hannspree 13 ‘without any difficulty and who proposed the purchase to his students.
Not owning a tablet 7 ‘samsung I can not prove much, but I think that your answer has solved the problem.
I will check with my student and will let you know.
(Sorry for my broken English fruit of the Internet)

M° Peter Giurintano

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