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Problems Scrolling in Reorder Set Lists

You may have noticed that when set lists are long, it can be hard to reorder charts (can’t scroll down to get to the ones below the fold). Well, there’s a sneaky solution! You can use the scroll to the far right of the screen to scroll down, even in Reorder charts view.

Maeve Lander is a software developer by day, trumpeter and arranger by night. She created Orpheus ~8 years ago, when Android was first born. It has gone through iteration over the years, but has always held true to the original vision; a minimalist sheet music reader that just does one thing, really well.



4 Nov, 2015 - 10:45 am

It would be good to be able to reorder the setlists themselves in case you mess one up or it gets corrupted somehow. I haven’t seen a way to do that. With that said why not have a set list heading with sub setlists that you can reorder within the main setlist?


4 Nov, 2015 - 11:48 pm

We have had “Reorder Setlists” on our ToDo list for a while and I really hope to get to it some time down the track as I agree with you Dave, it would be useful. Jeremy and I have limited time to devote to Orpheus so we have tried to focus on crucial maintenance, and higher priority features. This one we marked as “really nice to have but not mission critical” so it’s some way down the list for now.

Maeve Lander

18 Oct, 2018 - 6:04 pm

Update: Re-order Set Lists feature has now been added 🙂

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